This family of Canada Geese were the first visitors to our booth on Discover Your Waterfront day. Nature was competing with the many people flocking to Hoboken’s waterfront park on this beautiful spring day.

Co-sponsor Resilence Adventures set up shop on the Hoboken Cove beach. Noelle Thurlow spent the morning teaching families about the marine life at the water’s edge.

Noelle identifying the little shrimp, crabs and other creatures of the sea retrieved by youngsters with nets and other instruments provided.

Observing and learning about the wildlife along Hoboken’s shoreline.

The Common Terns have been nesting at the end of Pier 11 for the past 7 years. Mr. Train was at Pier 10 (north pier at Maxwell Place Park) with binoculars and spotting scope to allow people to observe the terns swooping, diving for fish and nesting. Photo credit: Mick Ellison.

Pier 10, 11 and 12 at Hoboken’s north waterfront. A lease for Pier 11 this year caused the owner to erect netting and other deterrents to dislodge the colony with disastrous results. (See our article.)

This pair of fledgling terns were photographed by Mr. Train last summer. Eggs laid on Pier 11 this year have not yet hatched.

Co-sponsor Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse provided free, supervised kayaking for all who sought to venture into the Hudson River at this protected cove area.

A pair of kayakers set off for a paddle.

The beach at the Hoboken Cove is a special and popular place on Hoboken’s waterfront.

Artist and FBW volunteer Ann Marshal provided outlines of various shore birds that were filled in by young aspiring artists.

Colorful renderings of several shore birds.