We believe that successful waterfronts begin with sound planning, time-tested urban design and an understanding that the water’s edge belongs to the public.

Help save the oldest building at the Hoboken Train & Ferry Terminal from the wrecking ball

The Record Building, a unique, historic structure sitting parallel to the train tracks and fronting Observer Highway between Washington and Hudson Streets, is at risk. The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs has declared it an “unsafe structure.” The State Historic Preservation Office has required New Jersey Transit to conduct an analysis of alternatives on the proposal to demolish the structure. Please submit your comments to NJ Transit & participate in an April 16 online public meeting.



Close Sinatra Drive to cars to create space for exercise and #socialdistancing

Hoboken suffers from an open space deficit and narrow sidewalks. As people require fresh air and exercise each day, they have flocked to the waterfront. To adhere to social distance protocols, we need more space. For now, closing Sinatra Drive to car traffic and opening it up for walking, jogging, cycling, etc. is a simple measure the City can take to keep people safe & healthy. [We have put this petition on hold for the time being as the City of Hoboken has closed public parks due to the failure of some people to observe social distancing.]

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The amended redevelopment plan would allow for more buildings like this one – 800 Harbor Blvd. — to the south at the Weehawken Cove.


Save the Weehawken Cove

Viewshed to Hudson River & Weehawken Cove at risk! Each Hartz residential project gets taller & denser. Hartz’s application to build 2 towers in Lincoln Harbor was last heard on Wednesday, March 11. The hearing scheduled for March 17 will be continued at a later date to be announced.