Help shipping return to Hoboken, sustainably!

FBW | January 30, 2024

The Schooner Apollonia, a restored 1946 merchant sailing vessel utilizing winds and the tides, ensures zero-emission deliveries of a variety of shelf-stable goods. Since its maiden voyage in May of 2020, the Apollonia has kept a full manifest through 11 Hudson River round trips and more than a dozen stops between Troy and Brooklyn, in its steel-sided, 10-ton cargo hold.

If at least 12 Hoboken area residents commit to a full season of 2024 Boat Boxes, Hoboken can be one of the ports for Apollonia’s coming season. For $250 you can support Apollonia’s mission and receive a sampling of the goods sustainably shipped from the greater Hudson Valley area. The Boat Boxes will be delivered four times, in May, June, September and October.  

    On October 15, 2023, the Apollonia docked for the first time in Hoboken, New Jersey at the Shipyard Marina. The October trip was the last in the 2023 sailing season, but hopefully, Hoboken will become a regular Apollonia port beginning this year. 

    If you would like to support wind-shipped delivery and receive a sampling of the goods being delivered by the Apollonia, you can subscribe to receive a Boat Box. But Hoboken will only become a port on Apollonia’s itinerary if there is a commitment from 12 of you to purchase Boat Boxes. Find out more at

    The crew of the Apollonia received FBW’s Annual Riparian Award during our 2023 Connect the Waterfront Event on November 9 at the Hoboken Elks Club.