FBW model for the Hoboken waterfront built in 1991 (dimensions: 12 foot x 4 foot)

Neumann Leathers Building
300 Observer Highway, 5th Floor, Hoboken
Saturday, November 2
Sunday, November 3
Noon to 6 pm

You’re invited. We would love to meet you and talk about the latest developments regarding Union Dry Dock, the Vote YES Campaign, Hartz Towers at the Weehawken Cove, the Railyard Redevelopment Project and our upcoming fundraiser on November 14 at the Hoboken Elks Club.

See the Model:  In 1990, FBW developed a Plan for the Hoboken Waterfront. To help people understand the plan better, our volunteers, under the direction of our architect/planner, built an architectural scale model the following year. This 12 feet long, 4 feet wide model will be on display for all to see.

See our Plans:  We have detailed plans for Hoboken’s waterfront, a landscape plan for a park at Union Dry Dock, a plan to restore the legal boundaries for Stevens Park, a cross-section for Sinatra Drive that includes a protected bicycle path and much more.

See our Displays:  See our exhibit that depict principles for successful urban planning, the recent 30-year history of the Hoboken waterfront and more.

Looking for what else to do in Hoboken this weekend? When you come to the Neumann Leathers Building, you can also enjoy the Hoboken Art + Studio Tour. Same dates and times. We are surrounded by artists in this historic industrial building. Take in the art & music, all locally produced.

There is a link below for more information about our Vote YES campaign for the November 5 election. We have the answer to your question, “Where do I vote?” here. 

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