Sunday, June 5, 2022 from 9:00 AM – 12 Noon

A morning of free fun for all ages at the Hoboken Cove in Maxwell Place Park

11th Street & Sinatra Drive North, Hoboken

FBW and Resilience Adventures invite you to come on down to the Hoboken Cove, where  we’ll be exploring the biodiversity of the Hudson River – and all the fun found on Hoboken’s public waterfront – with free hands-on activities that will last all morning. 

9 AM to noon: Environmental Science & Art for All Ages

  • “Biodiversity: Who lives in the Hudson?” Put on some hip waders and investigate what we find with catch and release nets
  • “How clean is the Hudson?” Discover how scientists monitor water quality and how plastics end up in our Hudson River estuary.
  • Oyster habitats with the NY/NJ Bay-keeper: learn about the filtering power of the mighty oyster!
  • Help us draw an awesome mural! Join local artists Ann Marshall and Marni Fylling as we illustrate wildlife found in the water and on the waterfront. 

9 AM Tree Meditation with FBW Board Member Janine Berger

9:15 Tour Hoboken’s Central Waterfront with FBW Executive Director Ron Hine  

10 AM – 12 Music by James Calleo

Hope to see you there!