Petition to be presented at July 5 Council meeting

Hoboken City Council Meeting
Wednesday, July 5, 2017 @7 p.m.
Hoboken City Hall – 94 Washington Street
City Council Chambers

By Ron Hine | FBW | July 29, 2017

Be sure to attend the Hoboken City Council meeting on Wednesday night, July 5 to show your support. We have lined up 8 speakers, representing groups that want to see Union Dry Dock become a public waterfront park. Your presence will send a powerful message to our elected officials that to “Connect the Waterfront” park should be one of the City’s highest priorities.

Thank you all so much for signing the petition. Today, we have over 1,900 people who have signed. The message is clear: people want and need more public parkland, especially along the waterfront. Thanks largely to an active citizenry and the advocacy of FBW, Hoboken has achieved what most other Hudson River communities lack: a truly public waterfront. Adding the 3-acre Union Dry Dock site to the string of waterfront parks would be a remarkable achievement and a legacy that would be enjoyed for generations to come.

As we have collected signatures at the waterfront, people have told us how important the waterfront park is to them, their friends and family. It is a regular destination for so many who are drawn from all Hoboken neighborhoods. They walk, run, bike & skateboard. They push their baby strollers. They fish. They take in the extraordinary views and the cooling breezes off the Hudson River.

The petition asks Hoboken’s Mayor & City Council to make the Union Dry Dock property at 901 Sinatra Drive a priority in its open space planning, finally connecting Maxwell Place Park to Castle Point Park and creating the largest addition to Hoboken’s string of waterfront parks since Maxwell Place Park was created in 2001.

The property, owned by the Union Dry Dock & Repair Co., is currently for sale. We must act now to seize this rare opportunity.

If you have not yet signed, click on the link below. July 4 is the final day of the petition.

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FBW Board member Kate Valenta collecting signatures for the petition at flea market at Holy Innocence Church on 6th & Willow in Hoboken.