FBW Open House

Saturday & Sunday, November 9 & 10, 2013
Noon to 6 pm
FBW Office
The Neumann Leathers Building
300 Observer Highway – Fifth Floor
Hoboken, NJ

You’re invited. Please come to see us at the FBW office where our various plans, including the 12’ by 4’ model of the Hoboken waterfront will be on display. We will be happy to show you our latest plans and discuss the opportunity to complete critical components of Hoboken’s waterfront park.

While at the Neumann Leather Building you will have an opportunity to view the creative spirit that is still alive at this sprawling industrial complex, initially built in 1869, now home to scores of artists and craftsmen. Many studios will be open during this time for the Hoboken Artists Studio Tour.

Directions: For map of the Studio Tour click link below. The easiest route to the FBW office is to follow Observer Highway west. The Neumann Leathers Building begins west of Willow Avenue. Go about another 250 feet to the main entrance at 300 Observer Highway (#29 on map). Just inside the doors is an elevator. Take to the 5th Floor and follow the signs to our office.

Hoboken Artist Studio Tour Map

studio tour 2013 350px