Call to Action: Support Union Dry Dock resolution at August 2 City Council Meeting

Call to Action: Support Union Dry Dock resolution at August 2 City Council Meeting 2017-08-23T22:45:57+00:00
Update: On Wed. August 2, 2017, a few minutes before midnight, the Hoboken City Council voted
unanimously to approve this resolution. Next stop, Hoboken Planning Board. We’ll keep you posted.

By Ron Hine | FBW | July 27, 2017

Be sure to attend the Hoboken City Council meeting on Wednesday night, August 2 to show your support for the resolution asking the Hoboken Planning Board, as part of its 2017 Master Plan Reexamination Report, to include Union Dry Dock on the Open Space Plan map and add to the list of “Planned and Possible New Parks.” The resolution also commits the City of Hoboken to make this potential waterfront park a priority in its open space planning and to explore all options to secure the property for use as public open space.

On July 5, FBW submitted 2,174 signatures to the Mayor and Hoboken City Council in a petition that made these same requests. Thus, the resolution that the Council will vote on at the August 2 meeting is directly responsive to the many people who signed the petition. Thank you to all who signed for making this happen.

The City of Hoboken is currently undertaking the process of updating its Master Plan that state law requires it to do at least every ten years. By the end of August, the Hoboken Planning Board will be conducting public hearings for input into this Master Plan reexamination process. Open space is a central element of the City’s Master Plan. In 2004, the Hoboken Master Plan recommended a green circuit around the perimeter of Hoboken, including its waterfront. It also noted that Hoboken provided only 0.78 acres of park for every 1,000 residents whereas New York City’s standard is 2.5 acres of park per 1,000 people.

Next steps:

1) Participate in Master Plan Reexamination process.
2) Make Union Dry Dock & Hoboken’s problematic central waterfront a campaign issue.
3) Work with City officials to explore options for acquiring Union Dry Dock for public open space.

Along Sinatra Drive, Union Dry Dock, an industrial waterfront use, is fenced off and inaccessible. As a park, it would be entirely accessible for the public’s use and complete one of the final missing links in Hoboken’s string of waterfront parks.

We will keep you posted as we move forward.

Thanks largely to an active citizenry and the advocacy of FBW, Hoboken has achieved what most other Hudson River communities lack: a truly public waterfront. Adding the 3-acre Union Dry Dock site to the string of waterfront parks would be a remarkable achievement and a legacy that would be enjoyed for generations to come.

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