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Each month, FBW publishes a newsletter covering urban planning and public policy issues with a focus on our home-base, Hoboken, New Jersey. You can subscribe safely to our MailChimp list here.

March 2016
Fierce Resistance to Walling Off Waterfront
Shipyard’s last parcel blights waterfront
Save the Date: April 23 for FBW cruise

April 2016
Get on board the Classis Harbor Cruise
Updates on the Hoboken waterfront

May 2016
Appeal pending on Monarch NJDEP permit
Public parks provide essential benefits
hMAG covers FBW’s boat-er waterfront

July-August 2016
Planning begins with public rights-of-way
Rebuild by Design cost: $230M to $602M
A billion oysters in the NY-NJ Estuary
FBW adds 4 to Board of Directors

September 2016
Settlement of Monarch legal battle offered
Are assumptions on flood risk overstated?
Hotel offers solution to south waterfront
FBW Connect the Waterfront fundraiser

FBW Brunch Cruise along the Hudson River.

FBW Brunch Cruise along the Hudson River.

October 2016
Help Connect the Waterfront on Oct. 20
Is a floating pool in Hoboken’s future?
Base BASF park on successful models

November 2016
Monarch settlement a bad deal for City
Riparian award recipient Renee Steinhagen
Planning matters: Video stories

December 2016
‘Tis the season to be giving
Are Hoboken flood maps accurate?
Jane Jacobs and the Hoboken waterfront
Floodwalls won’t stop sea level rise