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Each month, FBW publishes a newsletter covering urban planning and public policy issues with a focus on our home-base, Hoboken, New Jersey. You can subscribe safely to our MailChimp list here.

November 2014 Newsletter
Rail Yard Plan out of scale, out of character
Hoboken Reporter interviews FBW architect
Federal judge grants FBW intervenor status

October 2014 Newsletter
Squandering an Opportunity for Hoboken’s Central Waterfront?
Take the online public survey today
Connect the Waterfront: Past Present Future

Aug-Sept 2014 Newsletter
One of few opportunities for public to be heard on Sinatra Drive redesign
Col. Stevens vision for Hoboken still valid 200 years later
FBW’s annual fundraising party

June-July 2014 Newsletter
City of Water Day at Maxwell Place Park
FBW seeks to oppose Monarch developers action in federal court
FBW director speaks at MWA Waterfront Conference

April-May 2014 Newsletter
Sinatra Drive: Bold vision or tunnel vision?
A once-in-a-century opportunity for Hoboken’s waterfront
FBW honored as ‘Heroes of the Harbor’

Feb-March 2014 Newsletter
Hoboken’s last frontier for redevelopment
Rockefeller high-rise mired in controversey
Developers sue Hoboken (yet again)
Dutch-led team provides flooding solutions

January 2014 Newsletter
Zimmer v. Christie, the backstory
Judge grants automatic approval for Monarch Towers
A Main Street that people actually walk to

Emily Turonis and her band liven up the joint at the Elks Club.

Emily Turonis and her band liven up the joint at the Elks Club.