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Each month, FBW publishes a newsletter covering urban planning and public policy issues with a focus on our home-base, Hoboken, New Jersey. You can subscribe safely to our MailChimp list here.

December 2013 Newsletter
Where is the vision for the central waterfront?
Citizen initiated ordinances bring end to campaign pay-to-play cash

November 2013 Newsletter
Take Me to the River
As shopping malls and theme parks replace town squares, our democracy is diminished
Dutch-led “Rebuild by Design” team to focus on Hoboken

October 2013 Newsletter
Hudson Riverkeeper is featured speaker at FBW’s Take Me to the River
Great Public Space award goes to Hoboken
Are we devising flood remedies based on a 1,000 year storm?

September 2013 Newsletter
A prophetic vision for waterfronts that succeed and those that do not
Hong Kong and its inner harbor
Defining the key to Hoboken’s success

August 2013 Newsletter
Can Hoboken manage the $10s of millions in Sandy funds?
Gov. Chistie vetoes special interest bill prohibiting development in high hazard zone
Waterfronts: Public vs. Private? Planning tools provide the solution

July 2013 Newsletter
FBW to lead Hoboken waterfront tour on City of Water Day
Floodplain managers oppose A3933/S3680
Judge sends Monarch case to Hoboken Planning Board
City evicts historic Yankee ferry

June 2013 Newsletter II
Lobbyists push special interest bills in NJ
Dramatic changes in FEMA flood maps
Judge Arre will rule on Monarch case
Bloomberg releases 438-page storm plan

June 2013 Newsletter I
Video: Key elements to plan successful waterfronts – lessons from architect Craig Whitaker
Hoboken Sandy Update
Monarch Towers: “Shipyards disdainful view of 1997 agreement”
NJ Senate votes to undermine NJDEP regs

May 2013 Newsletter
S-2680 Would Put People in Harm’s Way in Coastal High Hazard Zone
Six Months Later, Sandy Relief Arrives
Pier 13: Public or Private? Developer’s promise of public access will be difficult to enforce

April 2013 Newsletter
The Storm Next Time: Will Hoboken Be Ready?

March 2013 Newsletter II
Stemming the Tides: Proposals from King Canute, Mayor Bloomberg, and Mayor Zimmer
William H. Whyte: On what makes public spaces fail and what makes them succeed
Learning from the Dutch: Utilizing polders as a flood mitigation measure
Traffic Calming in Hoboken and Other Cities

March 2013 Newsletter I
The Dutch Dialogues: A model for Hoboken
Dr. William Fritz: A serious conversation about Sandy
Przygoda tells her Hoboken waterfront story at land rally
Film Spotlight: The Big Uneasy – Harry Shearer’s 2010 documentary serves as cautionary tale

February 2013 Newsletter
79% of Hoboken in flood zone
Monarch project now in “High Hazard Zone”
Flood insurance rates will skyrocket
Monte Carlo on the Hudson? Speed limit along public walkway to exceed 180 mph