Sandy, the day after – Hoboken waterfront pics

Sandy, the day after – Hoboken waterfront pics 2017-08-17T03:46:58+00:00

(October 30, 2012)

Promenade at Hoboken's South Waterfront after Hurricane Sandy.

Promenade at Hoboken’s South Waterfront after Hurricane Sandy and Pier A held up remarkably well during the storm that washed over the piers and promenade.

maxwell place park downed trees

Maxwell Place Park at Hoboken’s waterfront, about 1/3 of the London Plane trees were uprooted during Hurricane Sandy.

Wicked Wolf Tavern at Sinatra Drive

Wicked Wolf Tavern at Sinatra Drive on Hoboken’s South Waterfront with Hudson River reflected in windows.

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weehawken cove ship ashore

Large sail boat at Weehawken Cove at Hoboken’s north waterfront grounded upon the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. Spray paint on other side: “Global warming is real.”

pier a tree down 1

One of just two downed trees at Pier A Park and the Promenade from Newark to Fourth Streets in Hoboken.

pier c park gated

The damaged Pier C Park at Hoboken’s South Waterfront. Styrofoam blocks used to built the mounds were knocked loose by the storm & floated about.