What you can do to “Kill the Monarch”

What you can do to “Kill the Monarch” 2017-08-17T04:29:19+00:00
1. See you in court

Both the Hudson County and Hoboken Planning Boards have denied the Monarch application to build two high-rise towers on a Hoboken pier. The developer is expected to appeal both of these decisions to New Jersey Superior Court. In March, the City filed to enforce the 1997 Developer’s Agreement requiring the Shipyard Associates to build tennis courts, public parking and the public walkway at this pier. It is likely that all these cases will be consolidated into one. We’ll let you know when we have a court date.

2. Sign the petition

Hoboken Residents for a Public Waterfront (HRPW) and the Fund for a Better Waterfront have undertaken a petition drive in opposition to the Monarch. Thanks to Maureen Carroll  of HRPW who has organized this petition campaign over 2200 people have signed. You can sign up today online: SIGN THE PETITION. If you want to volunteer to get petitions signed, contact us at fbw@betterwaterfront.org.

3. Contact your elected representatives

Be sure to let your Mayor and Council representative know how you feel about this project. Also, your state and county officials. For contact information go to this page.

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